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Laura grew up skiing in a depth of French mountains with her lovely family. Somehow she stumbled into Gaelic Football the sport she ended up in the French National Team which led her to become a PE teacher at high school.
However her passion for skiing kept itching her and she one day decided to travel to New Zealand to become a ski instructor. Ever since, she has been ski instructing year-round between New Zealand and Canada. Although who doesn't like good powder skiing? She decided to steer her legs towards Japan to experience that famous powder and continue developing her professional career as a ski instructor.
Besides ski instructing she is an enthusiastic hiker, cyclist and adventures that challenge her. And don't forget, she is French, she loves good culinary experience.
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- NZSIA スキー レベル2
- チルドレンスペシャリスト レベル1
- フランス 赤十字 救急法 認定
- フランス 体育教育 修士号
- フランス 障害者 体育教育 学士号

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