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From a young age Laurie has always been in pursuit of a new experience, in search for a moment that could be etched in his mind. Brought up in Manchester, but with Europe at his doorstep, he quickly became a highly trained instructor, race coach and host. His dedication to the snowsports service industry has brought Laurie around the world, giving him a chance to experience a variety of different cultures and personalities. Laurie is an expert in curating unforgettable experiences and building meaningful connections.

Favourite ski experience:
In January 2017 I was standing on top of the infamous super ridge of Niseko, Japan. It was a pristinely cold night with a constant blanket of snow falling, gifting us with unlimited refills. To my left, ‘Rocky’ a half Shiba half Husky buried to his neck, beaming with joy. To my right a group of winter enthusiasts carefully planning how they’ll make their mark on the white canvas of super ridge. Head torches on, we all in one beautiful moment set off into the floodlit night. A choir of wooo hooo’s and send its spill down the mountain, as champagne powder bellows silently over our heads.

Favourite piece of gear:
Duct tape. This may seem like a bit of a boring answer, however doubt duct tape has been a life saver through the years. Fixing, strapping, patching you name it, duct tape can fix it.

Favourite après-ski drink and snack:
A hip flask of Ron Zacapa, a 23yr old Guatemalan rum. It warms the spirit and keeps the fear at bay. Favourite mountain snack is a Nigiri, a sweet tofu wrapped block of rice. Sugar, protein and carbohydrates all in one bite.

What's on your bucket list:
Next on the bucket list is to visit Patagonia. Endless wild landscapes, paths untrodden by the masses, towering snow-capped mountains and turquoise glacial lakes. Letssss goooooo.
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