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Paula was born in Latvia - a country with full of folklores locates the North East of Europe. Just like a popular Latvian folklore tells a story about The Protagonist's Journey to happiness by hiking a golden hill, Paula's story started by travelling around the world and riding down breathtaking golden hills every winter. After she's been instructing in Latvia, Austria, New Zealand and Australia, she decided to take her story further north where golden hill is even more golden. Some people might say "more fluffy". Yes, Japow in Niseko is better than gold.
As life always gives you many unpredictable events, she stumbled into Yusuke and took another step to join Far East Snowsports.
Other than snow sports, Paula finds joy in culture and arts, long walks with her beloved Border Collie boy Mojo and socialising through SUP, mountain bike and all kinds of activities.
Through snowsports lessons with her, you may learn not only how to ski or snowboard but also many of her real life stories and adventures as well as heartwarming Latvian folklores.
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